Schon seit längerem will ich etwas über die BilderJosé Elías Villagómez Uribe schreiben. Zum einen gefällt mir das, was er auf seinem Flickrstream und seinem Blog veröffentlicht, aus ästhetischen Gründen. Das Interessante an seinen Bildern ist aber meiner Meinung nach, wie realistisch er auf der einen Seite zeichnet, aber andererseits trotzdem jedem Bild etwas leicht mythisches und interesantes abgewinnen kann. Leider fiel ihm nicht wirklich etwas ein, das er über seine Arbeit schreiben könnte, aber dafür hat uns der Mann aus Mexico ein Interview gegeben. Viel Spaß:

Tell us something about you and your work.

When it comes to my technique I like to mix different techniques like traditional with digital on my computer. Anyway I think that everything starts with a pencil on a paper. On the other hand concepts pops up on my mind with some idea and they will stuck until I have pursed them out through drawing.

What would you draw a Five Year old Girl for her birthday?!

For all of my life I have believed that there is two things that never will pass and always will be in fashion, those two things are dinosaurs and karate. But I am pretty sure that an average five-year-old girl would not care so much about karate, so I would draw her a princess riding a dinosaur.

Where do you get ideas?

My ideas come from everywhere, everything I see, listen to, read, see in the movies or on my computer or on TV, from the conversations with my friend, from what I eat, from the surrounding world and people. In some way all the things that inspire me are somehow connected.

What does inspire you?

Almost always when I see work of some other artists I feel inspired and it awokes emotions and motivates me.

Where do you work?

At the moment I am working as a graphic designer at Gas publicity here in Querètaro Mexico. At the same time I am doing other projects within illustration and design as a freelancer.

How did you come up with the idea of the kid with the Head blown Away sitting on the Swing?!

Usually I try to tell a story with most of my drawings. In this particular piece I am expressing the moment when you are so excited to do something extraordinary, but at the same time your enthusiasm makes you loose your head or in this case blow your brains out.

Have you any Idols?

There are many artists that I admire greatly, like Humberto Ramos, Patricio Betteo, Robert Crumb, James Jean, Luis Sanchez, Jason Levesque, Rafael Cauduro, Joao Ruas, Shaun Tan, Daniela Uhligm, Luis David Morán, Conrad Roset, Juan Gimenez.etc. I could actually continue this list for a long time.

What do you do on your free-time?

I like to listen to a lot of music, read comics and magazines in Samborns, go to the movies and take walks.

Have you always the final Picture in your Head?

Sometimes I do have on my mind already how the drawing should look like, but the actual result is not necessary exactly the same. I think that the drawing (or any piece I am doing) have to grow on its path and have its own personality.

How do you work?!

I always work with music! The music always makes everything flow better.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

It is difficult to say because ten years is a long time and there is so many things that can affect on my life. Only thing I know for sure is that in ten years I still keep on drawing.

Your Top Five Bands?

The Beatles
The Smiths
Belle and Sebastian
Kings Of Convenience

Your Top Five Books?

The Arrival Shaun Tan
Steppenwolf Herman Hesse
Pixie en los suburbios Ruy Xoconostle
A Brave New World Aldous Huxley
The Crazy Man Gibran Khalil Gibran

Which is a website, a book or an artist everybody should know about?
Everybody should definitively visit on yayeveryday, cgunit, eltoron and designersgotoheaven

What are for you the three most important things in life?

Agape, Eros and Filos

What is your message to the world?

I do not really have any special message to the world. I just enjoy drawing about my own experience and life. I like to think and make questions to myself and then I answer by drawing. If someone relates to my work Great! But if not, that’s Great too! I just want to share my version of the world.